There are many opinions on what defines, constitutes and forms a strategic plan and how it is rolled out, albeit most come back to finding a pathway or executable method to achieve a certain goal or subset of goals. What cannot be simply defined is the nature of the strategy as this is contingent on many factors such as the type of goal, the nature of the business, the situation to which it relates and the resources available.  

Through both my general life and military experiences I have developed a comprehensive and measured understanding of how to develop and form realistic and reliable strategies. As such I’m well versed at helping business and strategic leaders make informed and well positioned decisions which can be rolled out across all aspects of the business.

Where I excel and add a lot of extra value is when business are in crisis or facing adversity and need someone to partner with them to add value as an Interim Management, or to scope and set in place strategic plans, or to work with the businesses leaders to put in place flexible but durable strategies which will help the business overcome and perform.

One of my core differentiators is helping businesses put in sales strategies which are geared towards selling to the office of the CFO. CFO’s are often the gatekeepers, their compulsion and reasons for spending are normally different to the rest of the business; however this also extends to the type of CFO and office the business is dealing with. My years of being a CFO and interacting with CFO’s has enabled me to better understand how to sell to them.

My core competencies around strategy are.

  • Future proofing the business when faced with a crisis
  • Developing strategies for selling to the Office of the CFO
  • Presenting the strategies and building affinity with the business
  • Working with management in adverse situations to plan and embed practical but effective strategies


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