Service Offerings

Core Service

ERP / Finance Project Management

An innovative and energetic PROJECT MANAGER, focussed on service delivery, mindful of budget and time restraints.
Manages crisis and problem solves with grace.

PM services offered:
- ERP Systems Implementations
- Planning & preparing for change
- Finance Processes & Risk Management
- Business Intelligence & Information Systems

Other Services

Interim Executive

An outcome driven INTERIM EXECUTIVE with a unique ability to quickly grasp and understand all aspects of the business.
A go to man when dealing with tough situations.

IM services offered:
- CFO / Finance Director
- COO / Operations Director
- General Manager
- Board Member

Mergers & Acquisitions

An exceptional MERGERS & ACQUISITION Consultant with an inherent ability to help his clients make salient and wise decisions.
Prepared to put his money where his mouth is.

M&A services offered:
- Sourcing & Planning
- Due diligence
- Negotiations
- Integration
- Preparing companies for sale


An intelligent and skilful STRATEGIST able to quickly and effectively link strategy to business goals to growth to success.
A business leader with a respect for relationship building and driving sales channels.

STRATEGY services offered:
- Strategic planning
- Driving strategic rollouts
- Accessing strategic requirements
- Reviewing and revising strategies
- Aligning strategies to company goals and platforms