Michael's Testimonials

“Michael is very outcome driven with a unique ability to quickly grasp and understand all aspects of the business and requirements therefore delivering meaningful results. As expected Michael clearly brings a wealth of business knowledge and experience to the table however his life experiences give him that extra edge. He is unrelenting in his pursuit to find equitable solutions, passionate about engaging people and a focused listener.”

Gareth Marriott

Managing Director, OCS Australia and New Zealand

“I was introduced to Michael whilst President at CPA some years ago and have found Michael to be such a positive person that embraces any challenge with energy, passion and dedication. 
Michael is also a strong person, having to concurrently deal with a long term family health crisis and support and raise a young family, Over the years I have seen him manage this crisis with grace and outward concern for others despite having a very challenging home front. These are all characters of great character and leadership which I believe are so important to our society. “

Andrew Crawford

Chairman, Australian Computer Society NSW Board

“Michael worked with Rubicor while I was running Cadden Crowe. Michael was key to driving the right systems and structure into Rubicor across the finance group. he has a high drive and work ethic, always pleasant and professional and had a very high customer service culture to supporting the line GMs in the wider business. I would recommend Michael to anyone seeking a proven finance executive who can link well with key business outcomes.”

Michael Crowe

Managing Director, NOVA Group

Mike is probably the most positive person I know, this despite having faced more challenging situations than many people out there. Even in the toughest personal situations he is still able to smile and see the bright side of any situation. I have known Mike for around six years, during that time we have formed a good and solid friendship. At his request I have been a mentor and confidential coach , especially when he was re-entering the workforce after an unplanned lengthy career break. Over that time Mike has demonstrated a good understanding of key business leadership skills such as commercial wisdom, balance sheet focused, a respect for relationship building and long-term sales, the power of sound process and a good grasp operational management. Mike additionally understands business and the importance of sales and marketing as well as the critical importance of developing sound and ethical business. Based on Mike’s history and our conversations I would say that Mike’s core strengths are his strong interpersonal skills, his ability to remain calm and focused in a crisis, his leadership and never give up attitude. Why I think Mike would be a great asset to any organisation is his ability to see the way through very challenging situations, and applying himself and his team with unending enthusiasm and positivity.”

Jan Diedricks

Sales Executive, Eaton Service

Michael initially contacted my Company to explore avenues of mutual benefit in recruiting for the South African and Australian Market. MPC utilised Michael to find scarce skills for our Clients in South Africa. His level of commitment and professionalism were exceptional at all times. Combined with this was a personable attitude to the relationship which instilled confidence in ourselves that there was a high level of personal commitment to ensure that he was always going to provide MPC with the best possible level of service. This confidence in his capabilities was important when dealing with long distance recruitment. All the staff at MPC that used his services and in particular myself would recommend Michael highly on any further work / service in this field.”

Frans Reuvers

Managing Director, MPC Connect and MPC Recruitment

“If I had to describe Michael Wilmot in three words they would be loyal, Indomitable and optimistic. He is one of the most resilient but humble people that I have ever met. He has had to endure personal adversity on scales that would be overwhelming for most people, yet despite whatever has been thrown his way, Michael has pressed on. He has a razor sharp knowledge of the financial world and is always willing to help others. Michael is your “go to guy” if you are in a crisis, in need of corporate financial know-how, or both. I often use examples of Michael’s experiences as the epitome of a purpose driven life in my leadership seminars around the world!

Hank van der Merwe

Leadership Development Strategist, Coach and Consultant, Mastery Global

Michael is always top of mind for expertise in the finance solutions for your Business and the most effective implementation framework that links growth to business goals to success. He is top of his craft and has been so for many years and this consistently shows in the depth of his thinking and quality of results. To cut through the labyrinth of finance and business development and then build a solution for your business is no easy feat, yet Michael has always achieved this with consummate professionalism. A colleague who I am only too happy to endorse as a person, a quality individual and a deliverer of outstanding marketing solutions.”

Gary Watkins

General Manager, All Of You Pty Ltd

“Michael is strong, dedicated professional with numerous skills that would be an asset to any organisation. I have known Michael for over three years and have always found his enthusiasm for and knowledge of various business subjects compelling, forthright and innovative. Michael has a wealth of experience in many areas, including Senior Management, Company stewardship, Finance and Accounting as well as a strong background in Business Recruitment. He is very much aware of the need for businesses to continually strive to meet evolving markets and in his new business venture it is very obvious to me the benefits he could provide an array of different organisations. Strongly recommended”

Chris Milne

Business Consultant and Investor

“Michael is an extremely smart, creative and trustworthy Business Consultant. He has helped me significantly to structure, strategise and roll-out my new business venture. I engaged Michael because I thought I needed assistance with financial accounting. In addition to providing this advice Michael was able, through his consultative questioning and precise recommendations, to guide me in all facets of my business including areas such as marketing, business negotiation, sales, planning and even HR. Michael has proven himself to be a consultant with agility, a trusted advisor with the highest integrity and a friend who I am lucky to have. I strongly recommend Mike to anyone who is building a business and needs a strategic helping hand to achieve tough goals”

Martin Hotz

Executive Recruitment Specialist, Government Senior Panels

“Michaels strong business acumen and extensive consulting experience were a welcomed addition to our team. Over a period of 6 months Michael worked closely with the executive management team during a time of significant growth of the organisation. His contribution resulted in many beneficial improvements at a finance and operational level. Michael is a results orientated change agent with a demonstrable ability to make sound commercial decisions taking into account the competitive environment.”

Jason Durham

Manager Performance and Enablement, Suncorp Group

“Michael is very energetic and innovative manager who delivers his commitments. He is ready to invest extra time and effort meeting the objectives. His positive approach makes it enjoyable to work with him. Michael is very knowledgeable and able to help with multiple business administration challenges. He is a good person to have in the team in tough times!”

Kari Kotamaki

Infrastructure Service Supplier Manager, Roche Pharma 

“Michael takes on tasks with enthusiasm and energy. He has an ability to offer insight and clarity to complexed issues. His pragmatic approach coupled with a constant positive outlook, even when facing the most difficult and trying of situations, I found to be both inspiring and motivating.”

David Trusler

Sales Associate at Griffin Property

I have had the opportunity to work with Michael for a couple of years. He is a great individual who consistently produces timely and quality results and is able to support and provide guidance on numerous situations requiring his level of expertise.

Wagner Bonfim

Client Financial Management Director Latin America, Unisys

Michael has a real depth of passion and commitment to helping others achieve real results and will go to great lengths to get things done. He is engaging, energetic and fun, and you will never be bored around Michael. He has great work experience and understands the need to dig deep to understand the real issues and he will do whatever he can to help you succeed.

Jo Hanlon

Managing Director, Mind your Ps

“I recently decided to look for new challenges and a resume expert to assist, having approached a couple I thought I contact Michael, whom I’ve known for some years, to help me decide on the right company. Instead he offered to assist, within a week I had a full and complete, direct marketing and networking resume in my in box. His service, support and communication is outstanding, great value for money. As a hiring manager I have seen many resumes his certainly ranked as the best to ever cross my desk”

Michael Gough

Owner, The Lodge Mapleton Falls

You can’t find a more honest and trusting person than Michael. In the years I have known him, he has worked harder than anyone I have met. If you’ll looking for someone who will give you more than 100%, than don’t look past him.

Jayson Jesus

Member Care Consultant

Michael is a very experienced business professional that understands how to work with and through people to achieve clearly articulated business outcomes. A thorough understanding of finance and business management and a very hands on operator

John Hunt

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Michael was the first career consultant who took the time to listen too and understand my career objectives, and on this basis tailor a plan to meet my needs. As a result I was a lot more confident in my approach and effective in my interviews. I can recommend him …..

Lloyd Liang

Service Delivery Executive