Project Management
ERP / Finance

I have sponsored, project managed and or supported the rollout, implementation and or changes to multiple ERP / Finance systems within 3 different continents. This experience spans all aspects from being involved in the design & planning to managing the project & budget to sponsoring the project. I have been responsible for minor projects such as local changes and enhancements through to major projects such as multinational ERP implementations and modifications. 

My adaptive thinking, rapid learning and leadership skills give me an edge when it comes to managing systems projects; while my ability to adapt to the audience and bring calm to the storm makes me an exceptional change manager.

My experience helps businesses and business leaders as follows.

  • Understand all aspects of the projects in order to put in honest, reliable plans and budgets in place.
  • Determine and source most suitable products for business prior to releasing RFP’s (Request For Proposal).
  • Develop exceptional RFP’s in order to make sure that suppliers provide honest and clear evaluations and tender presentations.
  • Help sift through tenders and RFP’s in order to eliminate the financial, time, information and operational risks.
  • Promote the roll-out of systems and or changes across the business to encourage buy-in and safeguard from indifference.
  • Manage and lead projects to completion within time and budget.
  • Ensure that system provides salient and congruent Business Information and Intelligence

ERP / Finance Projects I have worked on:

  • MSS Group Pty Ltd, Project Sponsor / Finance Representative, implementation of Pronto ERP system.
  • OCS Australia Pty Ltd, Project Manager, engagement and rollout of CM3 contractor risk management platform.
  •, Project Manager, design and development of recruitment and candidate management portal, management and co-ordination of development team in Austria, management of user acceptance testing.
  •  Rubicor, Project Manager and Sponsor, implementation of Microsoft Great Plains.
  • Ranbuild, Project Manager, customised changes to SAP to ensure that Ranbuild reporting aligned to Bluescope and sales pipeline was more effectively managed.
  • Becton Dickenson, Project Manager, implementation of (SOX) Sarbanes Oxley framework and controls.
  • AAPT, Project Coordinator & Accountant, review current project scopes, redefine scopes and PMO responsibilities, implement new controls and wind down redundant billing system project.
  • Becton Dickenson, Project Manager, streamlined enhancements and changes to OTC (Order to Cash) and RTP (Requisition to Pay) environments.
  • Unisys, Project Sponsor, implementation of Oracle ERP and Project Accounting Software across Asia Pacific.
  • Osram, Project Manager (Europe & Africa), AP / AR Netting and Shrinkage Management functionality changes in SAP.
  • British Telecom, Worldwide Project Manager, implementation of changes to Oracle for Circuit Inventory Management, Billing and Re-invoicing across between BT and BT partner Global Networks.
  • Anglo American, Project Administrator, customisation of IMS system for area costing and reserves management. 

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