Mergers & Acquisitions
Engagements / Projects

Over the last 20 years I have been involved in over 15 acquisitions and a couple of mergers (see list below), from planning and preparing through to integration and incorporation, with a combined net savings of over $3.5M plus countless hours of time saved on integration issues.

Being well versed with all aspects of M&A I understand the keys to successful M&A projects and how these outcomes align to the business requirement; most importantly the importance of a successful handover, incorporation and integration. From my experience most acquisitions, if proceeded with, rarely fail at due diligence but at integration.

My experience helps businesses and business leaders as follows.

Business Leaders establish:

  • The reasons why, what, how and when. Critical to the success of any M&A project, best workshopped honestly and effectively with an independent consultant like myself who has no emotional attachment to the business.
  • The plans and process for each M&A project; used to ensure that the acquisition or merger is performed properly, timely, effectively and economically.


  • Create schedules, and questionnaires and carry out successful due diligence reviews and appraisals.
  • Negotiate equitable and feasible deals.
  • Facilitate the handover and earn-out process.
  • Plan, drive and oversee the Incorporation and integration of the business/es ensuring that risks from conflicts of interests, management styles, common clients and vendors are mitigated; and that businesses/es work cohesively and effectively to meet acquisition targets and objectives.


  • Confidential sourcing and broker engagement.
  • Help business leaders to prepare company for sale; anywhere from planning to executing the process.

M&A Projects I have worked on:

  • Merger between BT plc (UK) and MCI (US).
  • Unisys acquisition of Rams and the merger between Unisys and Bank West.
  • Rubicor acquisition of Locher & Associates, Cadden Crowe, Gel, Skillsearch, CITP, Credit Recruitment Specialist, Careers Unlimited, Dolman, Wizard, Steelweld, Xpand in Australia.
  • Rubicor acquisition of PowerHouse, Gaulter Russell, Numero and Wheeler Campbell in New Zealand.
  • OCS acquisition of IPSL & Midcity.
  • MSS acquisition of Select Airconditioning in Australia.
  • MSS acquisition of Trak in New Zealand

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